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July 13, 2010
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*I HAVE NEVER READ NOR WILL EVER READ THE TWILIGHT BOOKS! Although, I have seen the movies, first out of curiosity since I'd never even heard of it… Then because I was interested to see their werewolves. And also to have something to laugh at and/or make fun of and argue about with my friends. So no, I'm not a Twilight fan…though I'm not opposed to new ideas, I just have not liked the story at all and the characters. Not to mention the moral compass that does not point in a direction anywhere near north - sending bad messages and skewed perspectives to young people with seemingly poor judgment (not every one of them but those who are obviously impressionable/gullible).

- Maz was made BEFORE I'd ever even seen Jacob or his tattoo
- Maz happens to be a MAN...not a stupid teenage boy…HE'S IN HIS THIRTIES FOR CRYING OUT LOUD
- Maz is a very angry person, not fun and friendly
- Maz has greater concerns than Vampires – like Angels and Demons
- The scar above Maz's right eye came from flying shrapnel in an explosion – which actually killed him for a few minutes
- Maz has been clinically dead twice
- His other two scars came from being bitten in the face during a fight with one of his former wolfen pack-mates
- Maz was born in Africa along with his twin brother Connor and were both raised there during their childhood
- Maz's mother died when he was little. She was Wolfen though his father never knew
- Maz's father, Zachary, took the twins to live in New York after their mother's death
- Maz has a stepmother named Jean Rose
- Maz's father was killed in front of him and his stepmother and siblings
- Maz accidentally murdered his twin after losing control during an argument about his future
- Maz joined the army after graduating high school (he was 18) in order to leave his life and pack behind
- Maz has a kid half-sister named Anabelle who vanished while he was away – and was presumed dead after 4 months
- Maz doesn't really get along with most people – especially males
- Maz's real name is James, James Mazuka Arison – he decided after he joined the army that Mazuka was more suitable and thus never bothers to tell anyone his real name
- Maz never makes an attempt to see or contact his family after leaving
- After being honorably discharged for his first 'death experience', Maz went back to New York for a short time but never bothered with his family or pack
- In NY, Maz got into a car accident which killed him and Death himself brought him back almost instantly and he left the wreckage mostly unharmed
- Maz left NY after the accident and moved south along the coast to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina
- Maz has heightened senses in all forms
- Maz has 3 different Wolfen forms, feral, were, and frenzy
- Maz can shift at will to feral or were
- Frenzy is force-shifted due to complete loss of temper or the full moon. In this form a beast takes over and it's rage-filled, blood-thirsty, massive, and uncontrollable. Maz is conscious and aware the entire time within but unable to do anything about it
- Chace is able to break the frenzy
- Chace drives him nuts. She brings out the best, and worst in him
- Chace is not his first love
- His first love was named Rachel and they were friends throughout high school (he worked for her very wealthy family). She was slightly older, presumptuous, stubborn, and a tease. She left him after their summer romance when she had graduated from high school and was going to study abroad. Maz was devastated
- He met back up with Rachel a few years later while in the army and they ended up getting married. They divorced after a few years due to constant fighting and the loss of their unborn child. She disappeared
- He was a drinker up until his first (near) death experience. He went to rehab while recovering
- He was a very violent drunk
- Despite him being Wolfen, Maz likes cats and they get along with him surprisingly well
- He doesn't really like to wear shorts…or sandals / flip flops
- He hates most sweets
- He's not very talkative
- Works out daily – usually goes running before sunrise and then stretches and trains with weights, punching bags, and different fighting style routines
- Along with his standard military training, Maz has special black ops training, training with numerous weapons (both guns and knives), interrogation, tactics, wilderness training, and various hand-to-hand combat training such as karate, kung fu, jiu-jitsu, and tai-chi
- Maz has accelerated healing while shifted and is almost impervious when frenzied, which accompanied by the beasts' bloodlust makes him extremely dangerous to encounter
- Maz can communicate telepathically in his feral form and speak and function like human in his were form
- Cannot communicate at all when frenzied – even if the rage is broken. And also cannot shift back under any circumstances until dawn when the sun breaks over the horizon. He is stuck until then
- Eyes glow when frenzied, consuming the sclera and the pupil almost entirely
- Maz's tattoo represents his pack and is given to all pack members (wherever they want on their body) when initiated into the pack
- Not all packs have tattoos to represent them. Some do brandings or special distinguishing scars or piercings they're given upon initiation
- Maz's tattoo design came from my favorite necklace which has the symbol on it and I wear it all the time
- Wolfen are by blood only – meaning you are either born Wolfen..or you are not one. And the gene does not always carry over (hence Maz being Wolfen and his twin not)
- Wolfen are not effected by silver
- Wolfen have evolved and adapted to human life over time and have been around for many centuries and have taken on human attributes over time. They did not start out having a normal bipedal form aside from the frenzy. They developed digitigrades legs over time as well as fully functioning hands and speech in order to be more human and have more advantages – which eventually became an entirely new form, the Were form all are now born with
- Wolfen fur patterns and coloration vary and are not always that of normal wolf. Fur length can vary from wolf to wolf and also through a single coat (as in they can appear to have a mane or longer fur on the chest, stomach, and elbows). Pelts are also not always like a normal wolf but the colors are always natural – as in some don't take on any particular breed of wolf. Some have brown and gray while others can have gray white and black with odd markings. The coat also has nothing to do with the skin or hair color of a person (so a white person with blonde hair could end up being a pure black wolfen) – though the eyes are always that of their usual human self. And Wolfen sometimes maintain some sort of resemblance to their human self while shifted (like the way their face and body structure is…a guy with big ears could end up having bigger ears when shifted than others do)
- Feral form is noticeably larger than normal wolves
- While in Feral form, natural wolf instincts are present (like hunting, playing, tail wagging when happy, ears down when angry, howling) though they also maintain their human personality and way of thinking as well (like problem solving, understanding, logic)
- While Wolfen are considered to be a type of Werewolf – most have taken on their human persona as their true self as they assimilate within society and are born human and never a wolf though some packs are more…feral and native and prefer the Wolfen to the human. Those are usually isolated in remote locations

I can't think of anything else at the moment but I'll most likely add more. Clearly he's nothing like Jacob. Please be considerate of other peoples' characters. Narrow-minded comparisons and comments can be rather hurtful or angering. Read before you write. Think before you judge. Thank you.
Obviously I'm venting a bit with this. I'm just getting sick and tired of getting narrow-minded Twilight fans AND haters saying he looks like Jacob or asking if he's based off Jacob.

If you had a pair of eyes and could read, you have learned that he was actually partially based off of Jeffrey Donovan / Michael Westen (who KICKS ASS). He just happens to be a different type of werewolf with a tattoo/pack symbol on his shoulder who resembles someone I admire - and somehow that means he must be a Jacob rip-off. I can see some of the comparisons...but if you want to play that game then there's plenty of others we could debate 'til the cows came home because a lot of individuals of the same species resemble one another in some ways. Does that make those who look like someone else a rip of them? I think not. And if you want to go ahead and argue, then that's just ridiculous.

No thanks. The world doesn't revolve around Twilight so stop letting it run yours. Learn to keep an open mind when seeing something for the first time and don't just jump to conclusions based off of biased assumptions. Thank you.


Mazuka, his info, and Wolfen species and info are to Myself / =MazukaGhoul
Destirium is to Myself / =MazukaGhoul & Ari Shover / ~Drifterchick482
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Syphellium Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2012  Student General Artist
He's got a pretty awesome backstory and a really nice design!
I see nothing jacob-ish about him to be honest (not a twilight fan, but I've just seen the movies and books for laughs) People should understand not every brown werewolf is 'based of Jacob'
MazukaGhoul Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! You just absolutely made my day :la:
Well I'm glad someone sees the bigger picture. It's not just the wolf side of him, it's his human side as well depicted in some of the art I've had done of him. I'm hoping once I finally get something less cartoon-y and more realistic, the lack of resemblance will become blatantly obvious. I hope people will see the man he is instead of a boy, which he isn't and hasn't been for a good many years.

As for the wolf...I honestly don't see what others tell themselves they see...because Maz has much more pronounced gray to him and also a lot of darker brown and different markings, eyes, fur thickness in some areas. I mean come on, you have to see the differences - sure he is not that unique, I made him more plain/neutral on purpose(although due to the lack of realism in the art I've had done of him, there is much less blending of his colors thus giving him a more defined look which I'm sure doesn't help my case) so he wouldn't stand apart from a natural wolf too terribly much. The whole idea for him is too blend in more in the world I created for him...apart from his size and pack symbol. So again, sure there are similarities but that's to be expected because a lot of wolves resemble one another.
Syphellium Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2012  Student General Artist
Hahaha it's my pleasure? :dummy:
Hmmm well best advice I can give is really reference from photographs, instead of drawing from your head draw from a photo. It does wonders, no joke :| A few months ago when I joined my artwork consisted of badly proportioned dragons and broken-boned tiger/wolf/creatures. It was only through studying and practicing that I can now draw a decently realistic looking animal without reference (and from that I still need more practice!) I wish you all the best of luck with that!

Yes! I've noticed that too! His grey-white underbelly and muzzle has got to be the most obvious factor here. If I can remember properly Jacob had sandy-ish brown underbelly?
I'd say that his markings do resemble regular wolves (though more light color markings on muzzle etc.) He'd blend in very well, you've thought this out nicely! There are way too many sparkly wolves and headworlds on dA already!
MazukaGhoul Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha, I don't draw. I doodled growing up and even do from time to time now with my mouse but I've never really been serious about improving...don't have the motivation nor want to dedicate the time to it. It frustrates me too much. I've always been more of a writer (and reader!). All of my character references and the good art in my gallery (as in, everything besides the graphic work/wallpapers/banners and doodles and of course the writing) was either commissioned by me or gifted to me with permission to add to my own gallery (and give credit to the wonderful artists who took the time and put forth the effort).

I believe you're right about Jacob. In the future commissions I get of Maz, I think I'll mention something about more blending of the gray underbelly with the brown main coat to try and make him more realistic and less defined/"clean-cut" in his coloring and markings.

I have to agree with you there too. I don't mind others' ideas and creativity and preferences but some of them are just eyesores. They're not really for me. To an extent, yes, with unrealistic/unnatural/original species and breeds. But something that is just defined as a wolf? No thanks, those sparkledogs I'm not fond of. But like my character Stark? Yes he is a canine but not specifically a wolf. He's some sort of wolf/hyena hybrid with mutations. So yeah he's blue and kind of glow-y but he's not meant to be realistic and I'm under no illusions that he should be running around the natural world right now lol. He's just around for fun and because I tend to go more natural/realistic. Sometimes a person like me just needs something bright and colorful and unnatural! xD
LinkHalo00 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2011  Student General Artist
I am a big Twi-Fan but, Maz is a GORGEOUS peace of art. Haha. ^.^ I admit he does look like Jacob, but I do realize you did this BEFORE you saw Jake. Maz is an awesome character and it looks like you REALLY put some work into him!!! Good Work! :3
MazukaGhoul Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks, I love my Mazzie ^^ I've often been thinking of making some changes but keep coming back to not wanting to change a thing about him - physically or mentally. Love him too much and I'm glad others seem to like him as well. I tell ya, he may look similar to that wolf-boy...but he is so different it's funny and almost absurd to compare in the end ;P
LinkHalo00 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2011  Student General Artist
Indeed. And your very welcome. :D
OutcastAngel696 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Can I make a wolfen? :3
MazukaGhoul Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Sure! I'm working on a more detailed/strict guideline of them but you're welcome to get started with the info up here and give me the details/progress as you go along to ensure all is correct :3
OutcastAngel696 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Mkay. I'm creating a bio for her now. <3
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